PDR Paintless Dent Removal

Dents in a vehicle are a common occurance, it is estimated that 3 in every 10 cars has a ding or a dent. You probably know yourself the causes  of dents to cars, including bicycles , footballs, cricket and golf balls, a rogue shopping trolley at the supermarket and add to this hail damage in thunderstorms and of course small prangs whilst out driving.

History of PDR

PDR means "Paintless Dent Removal" , the process of removing dents or creases from a vehicles bodywork without the use of paint. PDR is a process which was born in 1960 and invented  by a Oscar Flaig in February of that year.  Oscar worked for Mercedes at the time and his job was to look after all the bodywork of the cars which were going to be presented at the trade fairs around the country. As you can imagine during the days of showing off the cars, small dents and dings were caused by the public and Oscar developed a technique using a hammer handle to push out small dents.  This was the beginning of PDR as we know it.

PDR Techniques

Common techniques involve using rods or sticks and body picks to ease out the dents from the vehicles bodywork, gaining access to the underside of the panels is a major task and as time has moved on, Dent Masters have become more and more efficient at finding ways to gain access to the majority of vehicles out there, and this experience is priceless when removing the dents from the bodywork.

Pushing too hard on a dent can cause cracks or splits in the paintwork , so the techs can use heat to ensure the dent is levelled off to the best possible point. The use of Fluorescents and reflection boards which you will see in some of our videos , helps the technician ensure the dent is levelled off to perfection.

Tools of the Trade

There are many tools used by Dent Masters , these can be vastly different depending in the individual techs methods, but generally they use similar tools. These tools range from different sized hammers, rods to enable the tech to push from under the dent , glue , LED lights and Boards and a multiude of small gadgets to help them in their day to day work. Some techs using different techniques created by themselves or picked up over the years. The tried and tested ways of removing dents by pushing have tended to stay the same of the years, just the tools allowing access and a speedier job will be different.


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