Hail Dent Removal

Hail can cause massive damage to cars in the the UK.  Luckily for us here in the United Kingdom , most of the Hail damage is in the USA, and Mainland Europe.  We do receive hundreds of reports of cars being damaged in the UK. and visit and fix these on a daily basis.

What is Hail Damage

Hail is small , sometimes large pellets of frozen rain , which falls from the clouds and reaches the ground before it melts. Hail is generally caused by thunderstorms and is produced by cumulonimbi clouds.  A thunderstorm which creates hail that manages to reach the ground is known as a hailstorm.
The hail causes pits in the car bodywork and unfortunetely in sever hail storms can cause mutiple impressions (just like the car above)

Can We Remove ALL the Hail Indentations?

Our Dent technicians have the right skills and the right equipment for the job. Everyday we are called to fix cars with hail damage, and some of our techs regularly visit Europe and the USA to work in specially formed Hail teams to visit areas which have been severely affected by hail damage.



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