Dent Master

There is some confusion in the Dent Master world. What is Dent Master and who are Dent Masters?. Lets clear this up for you and tell you a little bit about the history of dent master and why there is now a confusion as to who they are.

The History of the Dent Master Brand
Dent Master was a company formed in 1986 by a very intelligent Brit who was based over in the USA , he developed techniques used to remove dents in cars without using paint. This was called PDR - Paintless Dent Removal. The brand came over to the UK and many Dent Technicians worked for Dent Master, they called themself Dent Master Technicians. The Dent Master company was bought out by Dent Wizard in early 2000 and since then the original dent masters formed their own companies. They still call themselves Dent Masters and there are lots of Dent Master Technicians with the PDR skills around the UK and USA.

Booking a Dent Master Technician
Dent Removal 247 have now aquired the skills of the dent master technicians and now with the aid of our site , you can book one to visit and fix your dent.
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