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Minor dent removal

Minor dent removal

11/10/2015 14:36:14

Car dents happen for different reasons. While some can be controlled or prevented, others are simply out of our control and even with the care and attention given to the car, dents simply cannot stop from occurring.


Minor dents are usually described as those gotten from accidental bump, and can be easily removed either by the car owner or by a specialist. For persons that have some car repair skills, knowledge and of course tools, these minor dents can be easily removed without much stress. This definitely helps to save you money that could have been given to car repair experts.

There are quite a number of minor Dent Removal techniques and the choice of system would usually depend on the extent of the damage. Explained below is one of the several minor Dent Removal techniques that can be used in fixing your car dent provided you have the right tools and equipment.

This will start from drilling a hole in the centre of the car dent. This is usually the first step and it allows you to easily reach the middle of the dent, making the work a lot easier. The next step would require you having a dent pulling tool which is inserted into the hole you drilled and pull on the tool. The pulling is done until the dent pops out or it becomes flat. Once this is achieved, the tool is removed. The tool can be easily gotten at a local auto parts shop.

In order to achieve a smooth surface, the back of the dent is banged out and body filler is used to fill the drilled holed once the dent is smooth. There is the option of either using a metal working hammer or a dolly tool. Just like the pulling tool, these ones can also be gotten from any auto parts store. The fixed area can subsequently be covered with touch-up paint.

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