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Dent in your rental car

Dent in your rental car

30/09/2015 11:25:27

Getting a dent or noticing a dent in a rental car can be frustrating and very annoying. For some people, there is the claim that the dent has always been there even before the car was rented. It is not uncommon for such controversies to ensue and below is easy ways to handle such situations.

The worst case scenario where there is a major damage or dent and in some cases the car cannot be removed. Here, the process is quite straightforward as the damage is obvious and all you have to do is call the rental company.

As most cases of car rental dispute usually involve small dents and dings, it is advised that you carefully and meticulously inspect the vehicle at the point of return and even before taking the vehicle from the rental company. This task will only take you a couple of minutes but can save you a lot of stress and time in the future.

You will also need the service of a camera and thankfully smartphones have made the job even easier. Take as many photos of the vehicle as you possibly can, including the interior and exterior of it. Note any dents or damages on the vehicle. This is a very important part of handling dent in your rental car.

The next step is to inspect the vehicle with an employee of the rental company. While this might not be possible all the time as many of the employees are either unavailable or they claim to be busy, an easier option is to get the contact details, that is, the email of the branch manager and send him photos of the vehicle at the point of return and other necessary details of yours such as the rental number and your name of course. This ensures that you do not get funny claims from the rental company. It is important that you keep all photos and documents for a minimum of six months before discarding them.

If you actually damaged the rental car and a claim is made against you by the rental company, you either deal with the dent on your own or you use your car insurance if your coverage is enough to cater to such damages.

This is where dentremoval247 comes in, our technicians deal with rental companies on a daily basis , and can smooth over any dent , saving you hundreds and an insurance claim.

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