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Common causes of car dents

Common causes of car dents

30/09/2015 11:06:38

Virtually every car owner has experienced one form of car dent or the other. Some of us can easily identify the cause of a particular dent. However, this is not always the case as many car owners only realize the dent hours or even days after the car got dented.

Below are some of the many causes of car dents which might help in avoiding some of them.

Supermarket Trolleys

How many times have you left the shopping mall or supermarket only to discover a dent on your car? Supermarket trolleys are arguably the number 1 cause of car dents across the globe. Car dents come from supermarket trolleys due to a couple of reasons. One of such reasons is the heavy traffic in most malls that require people looking for places to park their cars and unfortunately and unknowingly getting dents from trolleys. Heavy shopping is another common reason for trolley dents when the trolleys seem to think for themselves and subsequently lose control of the shopper.


This is a natural cause of car dent and is one of the commonest causes of car dents. Strong hail storms in particular, have been identified to cause damage to the body of cars. Modern cars are more exposed to getting car dents from hail storms due to the materials used in making their bodies as lightweight materials easily get hail dents in heavy storms.


This cause of car dent is more common in urban areas especially as it comes as a result of antisocial behaviours resulting from excessive drinking or just juvenile delinquency. Unfortunately, vandalism is a scourge that has seemingly come to stay and one can only be as careful as possible.

Driver Error

Drivers make errors as a result of distractions which could come from phoning or texting while driving, or trying to put a misbehaving kid under control amongst other causes. The error could either come from another driver or from yourself, but the resultant effect is almost always a dent on your car that needs to be fixed.

The causes mentioned above are just the very common ones and drivers can always devise ways of reducing their occurrence.



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