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DIY Dent Removal Gone Wrong

DIY Dent Removal Gone Wrong

28/09/2015 14:52:40

You will be amazed just what information comes back to use from our professional Dent Removal technicians. We regularly get calls from customers who went to the local store, got some weird and wonderful tool and had a go themselves at Dent Removal.

Dent Removal Courses ??

Becoming a Dent Removal technician is not easy, our techs have spent hundreds and maybe thousands of hours working their skills on dents. They keep up with the latest Dent Removal technology and they have a network of other techs who they can call upon if needed.

So the bloke down the chippy who advises you can Do it yourself and save a few quid, may end up costing you hundreds if not thousands of your hard earned cash.

It must be easy just Press the Dent Out

There is no doubt that some dents are easier than others, but in our experience simply pushing the dent our is not the solution, take a look at the photo supplied on this page which shows you the results of and easy push out.

The customer thinking these were easy, pushed something sharpe behind the dent and started to push. Look at the appauling damage caused in both these cases. 

Use a qualified expert - thats the easiest

Of course we are going to say that, its not difficult for us to advise you dont do the old DIY job. But having seen the results , a simple dent turned into a major body repair, then you will understand why a dent , which can be removed for a few pounds  should be done by a professional and not turning the job into a few hundred pounds.

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